The Integra Optics' SmartCoder allows you to easily reconfigure Integra Optics' transceivers for any network hardware. It provides three plugs for SFP/SFP+ XFP, and QSFP optical transceivers. Simply install the SmartCoder application and plug the SmartCoder in any computer USB port.

Benefits of the Integra Optics' SmartCoder

  • Reconfigures optics out in the field – saving time and allowing you to complete projects more efficiently.
  • Verifies your transceivers are functioning properly. View the optic’s transmit and receive power, and current.
  • Measures the optical power of a transceiver, much like a power meter.
  • Small and easy to travel with. Carry it in your crash kit!
  • Reduces your inventory 

Main Features of the Integra Optics' SmartCoder

  • SFP/SFP+, XFP, and QSFP ports
  • Compact, ruggedized design for easy transport
  • Powered by your USB port
  • Intuitive web-based interface

SmartCoder Package Includes

  • (1) SmartCoder version 2.1
  • (1) SmartCoder Travel Bag
  • (1) SmartCoder USB Cable
  • (1) Installation Guide
  • (1) Instructional Video